Howdy, Howdy, Howdy!

Hey again! Sam here... long time no see! You didn't forget about little ol' me didja?

In two short years, I have done a lot of travelling - I've been dragged across travelled throughout Canada and even to Minneapolis a few times.*

But just recently I found myself the farthest from home ever.... I went to DALLAS!

Yee-haw! Since I don't own a teenie-tiny cowboy hat, I donned my American flag T-shirt and joined Maureen ridiculously early in the morning for flights to Chicago then Texas.

Lookit my uber-huuuuuge king-size bed at the Hilton! What? Oh yeah, I had to share it with Maureen too... there was enough room.

I guess.

But did she let me relax in cozy comfort? Nooooo....

Quell surpreeeeeze... we went SHOPPING! Off to the Galleria Dallas. What the heck? We spend nearly five hours on two planes from cold Canada to toasty warm Texas and I end up at a skating rink! Absurd.

Now THIS is more like it.... palm trees!!!

Maureen insisted we would see more than a hotel conference room and mall on this trip, so we hopped onto the DART train to Plano to do some antiquing. What a beautiful place! I got to show off my exemplary horse riding skillz:

Okay, so he wasn't exactly a bucking bronco... maybe I would find a REAL horse when we got to Southfork Ranch.

Woot! I did! Here horsey, horsey, horsey! C'mere! I want a ride!

Gulp. Well, now that I see ya up close.... mebee not. Good horsey. Good BIG horsey! You stay on that side of the fence, K?

Phew! Better now. The Southfork Giftshop was much safer, (unless you were Maureen's credit card, that is).

We also took a tour of downtown Dallas, including Dealy Plaza and the JFK museum, Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek (where celebrities like Michael Jackson and Walter Cronkite would stay), a civil war cemetary where Bonnie and Clyde used to be buried (they had to be moved because of looters), City Hall, Farmer's Market and a few scenes Maureen recognized from the TV show "Dallas"! (If you want to see more photos, check out the slideshow below.)

She just can't resist finding interesting places to have my photo taken. Here I am on one of the longhorn cattle in the Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive exhibit. I'm just glad it wasn't real - I did not want to end up as a Sam-shiskabob on those freakin-kerazy horns!

But our five-day adventure wasn't all touristy stuff... we HAD to squeeze in time for a medical conference too.

After all, it WAS a business trip, right?

I wonder where she's taking me next...

* If you want to read more about Sam's Adventures, click on the topic under "Diversions" on the right panel over there ----->

14 People would rather be commenting:

Jackie said...

How cute ! It was nice meeting Sam . I had never met him until now .

Irene said...

Looks like Sam had a great old time. I'm sure the nice temperatures helped too. I've never been to Dallas. I've been t Houston, though. Close enough? It's a big state.

Daisy said...

Hi Sam! It looks like you had lots of fun adventures!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Vicki my world traveling underwear go with the Mr. everywhere I can't when he travels. She's smarter than me too.

JoJo said...

Sam's so CUTE!!!!!!!! Looks like you both had a great time down there in "Big D". Glad you got to tour South Fork too.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Sam better be coming to Vegas next...right? :)

I love the fact you always find a great mall to go to wherever you are. (Pssst. we have some amazing ones here in Vegas too!!)

Richard said...

Heh, very nice, silly Sam.

Babs-beetle said...

I enjoyed that slide show. Brings back fond memories of Dallas ;)

You get to go on very plush business trips!

ReformingGeek said...

What fun! I loved your...Sam's trip to Dallas.

I was hoping to see Sam on ice skates!

Janet said...

Wow! Sam is becoming quite the traveler! Looks like a great time for you and the critter down south!

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

SAM!! so nice to see you again. I had to stop by and share this with Maureen (keep scrolling down, you'll see why)

Ryan said...

I wanted to see Sam model a ten gallon cowboy hat.

JoJo said...

Hey Maureen! I was wondering if you and your daughter made a Black Friday trip to the Mall of America? I heard on the news that Canadians were flooding into the border states to take advantage of the sales, and I immediately thought of you!

Bruce Johnson said...

Please, please, please tell me you didn't by that license plate.....

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