Note To Self

Ah vacation days over the holidays... a time to sleep in and then, at a more sane leisurely pace, attack my lengthy To-Do-Before-Acck!-Christmas-Is-Coming-Way-Too-Soon!!!!  list.

As per my usual morning routine, I pulled myself out of bed, stepped into my slippers and staggered to the back door to let the dog out. Since it was a balmy -9 C I pulled on my jacket, not bothering to zip it up. I let Casey out to dive into the deep backyard snow drifts as I remained in the garage, deciding to be a good samaritan and once again feed the wild bunnies that live under our deck. Once the snow falls, every few days I give them something - today's meal would be a treat; a few handfuls of the Wild Delight Nut and Berry Mix I bought for our bird feeder last summer.

I reached up on tiptoes to the shelf where my gardening supplies are stored for the winter and grabbed the 3 Kg bag of seeds, nuts and fruits. Pulling it off the shelf, it nudged a tower of plastic flower pots just enough to start them teetering back and forth.

Slowly they began to topple, so out of sheer reflex I attempted to stop their plunge - with the bag of seeds, nuts and fruits, natch.

Unbeknownst to moi though, the last time I had used it, I failed to properly seal the ziplock closure on said bag of seeds, nuts and fruits.

A cascade, not unlike a Niagara Falls of seeds, nuts and fruits poured out over my head.

It poured into my jacket.

It poured into my PJs.

It poured into my slippers.

I stood in dumb shock, still holding the now nearly empty 3 Kg bag of seeds, nuts and fruits that now lay strewn all over the garage floor.

Oh well done, Maureen. Bravo.

As I shook my slippers to dispense of the seeds, nuts and fruits lodged between my toes, I looked up to see that I had indeed saved the cheap, used flower pots from an untimely demise.

Note to self:

Next time, let the stupid plastic pots fall. They'd be a tad easier to retrieve from the cold concrete garage floor than using my frozen, numb fingers to scoop up a kajillion seeds, nuts and fruits.

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Irene said...

I'm glad you came to that conclusion all on your own without any prompting from me. It's pure reflex, though, you can't help yourself. I would have done the same thing. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

I can empathize completely - except that when MY flower pots started to topple over from the shelf in the garage, they were terra cotta pots and they crashed onto the hood of my car, denting and scratching it. Your incident was much funnier!

LaraAnn said...

I'm sure that I would have done the same thing also. Sorry that you had to go through that disaster. Those bunnies are lucky that you look after them like that though.

Anonymous said...

Ah man... You know it's time for a coffee when...

Then a shower...

Hope the rest of the day continued without any more mess!!


Jill said...

So a shower of nuts and seeds...oh well. Some days are just like that (even in Australia). Glad it wasn't anything heavy!!!!!!

David Macaulay said...

glad you saved the flower pots, lol

Babs-beetle said...

Ha ha ha ha! Now THAT'S just the sort of thing I'd do. In fact most people probably would. So feel better (after you cleaned up) about the fact that you are not alone in your stup ....reactions.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Just leave your garage door open for a few days. They'll be plenty of rodents in there to help clean up the mess.

Hey, Merry Christmas to you and your family! And please, keep your Canadian clippers to yourself, it's plenty cold enough here as it is thank you. ;b

Lane Mathias said...

Pesky reflexes. Note to self - coffee first! Mind you that probably wouldn't have made any difference anyway:-)

Happy Christmas Maureen - hope your weather stays 'balmy':-)

Climb2Nowhere said...

You know what they say: no good deed goes unpunished! But I love that you were feeding the bunnies. I do things like this all of the time so I feel your pain. Hope your next morning is less eventful!

Daisy said...

It would be funny if you just layed down and let the bunnies nibble the nuts and berries off you! We hope you have a Beary happy Christmas, too. XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Bruce Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing....I feel much less like a stumble-klutz this morning after reading this.

Ca88andra said...

Oh no! That sounds exactly like something I'd do...

Unknown said...

Umm, at least y ou didn't do something similar in your kitchen? Like I may or may not have? *shifty eyes*

MYM said...

LOL ... I like how you took a photo of the spoils ;) For some of us blogging material just kinda falls into our laps ... and slippers.

toners said... is great to stop by and visit again! Thank you for your beautiful card - you made my day!

I'm very sorry for being such a bad blog commenter lately...some rough times going on at home :( I hope this finds you and your family well and that you are all enjoying the holidays! All the best for 2011 xxx

Jack said...

Happy Holidays!

While the morning never really goes as well as you want it to (it is morning, after all) it's important to note that the bunnies are well taken care of. I'm certain they appreciate it!


JoJo said...

LOL Sorry for the laugh at your expense but you painted quite the picture!

Lisa said...

Sounds like something that would happen to me. Hope your holidays came and went with no further klutz-tatropes!

commoncents said...

VERY COOL! Glad I found your blog!!

Common Cents

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