Happy New Year!

Happy Nearly-2011! 

As you are probably well-aware by now, I am an Uber-Loser-Stay-At-Home-New-Year's-Eve-Un-Party-er blogging at 9:30 pm on December 31st. But then at least I get in one last post for 2010. And I won't get frostbite in our lovely -37C temps outside.

Phew, what a year this was... a roller-coaster of highs and lows. And I detest roller-coasters. Why people pay good money to lose their lunch is beyond me. But I digress.

Hopefully this brand spankin' shiny New Year will:

Have LESS mischievious feline exploits:

Tawnee climbing down the inside of our Christmas tree
with a quick nibble on a bow or two for good measure, natch.

Have MORE fantabulous home projects to brag about:

It's a box!
Yes, I really do amaze myself sometimes.
(Easier than you can imagine.)
Er, this was taken BEFORE I nailed it straight
so I could remember which way it went together, okay?

Have LESS humungous malls to throw my money away at:

Hmmm. Starbucks or the "Couture and Cuisine" fashion/foodie show
at the Galleria Mall in Dallas, Texas. Tough decision.
The show DID have nearly naked men spray-painted
gold and posed as chandeliers in the middle of the tables.
No, I am NOT kidding.

Have MORE opportunities for self-control at mealtime (unless there are nearly naked men spray-painted gold and posed as chandeliers in the middle of the table):

Excuse me, Ms Cheesecake Factory waitress,
but I don't believe I ordered HALF A FREAKIN' CHICKEN for lunch!

Have LESS run-ins with nasty weather:

My ex-umbrella.
No, I didn't do this in a fit of rage.
That beyotch Mother Nature did.
In a fit of rage, I do believe.

But then again, if these things DO happen in 2011, what the heck am I going to blog about?

Nevermind. Bring it on.

14 People would rather be commenting:

CarrieMarie said...

LOL Happy New Year! May all your umbrellas stay intact in 2011! : )

and also - 1/2 nekkid golden men? i'm really sad i missed that!

Gnetch said...

Happy new year!! :)

Irene said...

Happy New Year. May you see many more near naked gold sprayed men.

Daisy said...

Happy New Year! Always think of life's challenges as another thing to blog about!

Babs-beetle said...

Yep. All these things made good blogging material.

Happy New Year to you and yours :)

Venom said...

Considering whereyou live, do you think that weather wish is even possible?
Happy New Year to You!

Anonymous said...

Merry New Years! I hope 2011 is entertaining... a GOOD entertaining.


JoJo said...

Happy New Year Maureen! I hope 2011 treats you well! Looking forward to your posts. Whenever I'm in need of an amusing pick-me-up, I read your blog.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Happy New Year!! I hope some somewhat hilarious hijinks ensue for you this year as well since I would love to read about them. In the meantime, could you elaborate on the mostly-naked gold me and include pictures? :)

Jon said...

wishing you a happy new year

A Frazzled Mommy said...

Oooooo, I think it should be a goal to see how many malls you CAN go to! :)

Happy New Year to you!

Swubird said...


You had a good year in 2010. You posted a lot of funny and interesting articles that were a pleasure to read.

Our New Year ended with a bang. All the kids came over to visit with the bright idea that they were going to cook dinner for us. Well, they did, the little darlings, and in the process they dirtied every dish and pot and pan in the house. Which, of course, they left in the kitchen for us to clean up. Happy New Year. Am I ever glad to see 2011!

Happy trails.

Bart said...

And a happy New Year to you and your nearest and dearest umbrellas, X-mas tree cats and spray-painted golden men.

Bruce Johnson said...

All i can say, is that resolutions were made to be broken.

(nice box by the way)

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