How To Freak Out Your Cats

In three easy steps:


Get a dog.


Take dog to vet for unknown sore that won't heal.


Bring dog home after surgery on a ruptured cyst looking like this:

That'll do it. You won't see your cats for oh, approximately 3 days. (Don't fret; of course I delivered their meals downstairs like a good cat-slave should). After that, they will tentatively sneak upstairs only to freeze in mid-step and slowly back away upon discovering the dog again... not unlike a classic Loony Tunes cartoon.

Now that it's been over a week, they are slowly getting used to "Frankenpuppy" as hubby has nicknamed her, or "Zipper" (Zip for short) as I call her.

Poor Casey. Twenty staples that need to come out this week (yeah, now THAT'LL be fun).

I keep telling her she looks dashing in her high collar, but she still bumps into walls, chairs, me... with the darn thing.

And I really should stop laughing when she goes outside to do her business, has dipped her head too low in a snowbank and scooped a whole cone-full of the cold stuff onto her head. I predict she'll get the hang of wearing this thing just about the same time it comes off...

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Anonymous said...

Sure it works, but how many times a month do you want to go through all this just for the sake of freaking out your cats? Isn't there any easier way?

Belle said...

Great story.

JoJo said...

Awwww poor puppy!!! It's sad when they have to wear the E-collars.

paola said...

i always have sucha good laugh at the things you write, sure i would love being in your company and you would be so darn good for my soul. TFS

Daisy said...

Yes, that would make me skerred! But I hope Casey feels all better soon.

Kisma said...

Lol... That's great. Here's to a quick recovery which will surely make the cats even more freaked.

Babs-beetle said...

Oh poor baby! Ha ha ha! At least she keeps the collar on. None of our cats have ever kept theirs on for more that 30 seconds!

Rieshy said...

Too funny! My laugh woke up my 3 year old:)

JMM said...

Our vet calls those collars the "cone of shame". Poor doggie, I hope she heals up fast. Oh, and you should see a cat wearing one of those. My Tigger had to for awhile and he was hilarious and the other cats were totally freaked.

Lazarus said...

Your dog is a cutie, looks like he's trying to eavesdrop on the neighbors though...

Richard said...

Can't figure out which to feel sorry for more, the dog or cats.

CarrieMarie said...

frankenpuppy! i love it!

Swubird said...


That;'s so cute. It reminds me of the two cats my daughter acquired several months ago. They both had to have some kind of surgery and they both had to wear those awful funnels on their heads. It was sad, but it was also hilarious.

Happy trails.

Janet said...

Awww...So sorry Casey is having to endure the Cone of Shame!

Bruce Johnson said...

I wish I had free health care and free meals........

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