Time To Put The Candy Away

Some days I just have to shake my head.

Unfortunately a few weeks ago, our regular Housekeeping lady at work injured her back and has been on sick leave ever since. Suffice to say, we miss her cheery manner and great work ethic. After weeks of temporary replacements who obviously couldn't give a rat's ass about their performance, I was told a new dedicated Housekeeper had now been assigned to our floor.

Awesome! For weeks I was cleaning my office and throwing out my own garbage. No biggie really; I do it at home, so I don't mind tidying up and chucking my garbage; afterall I am the only one using the space.

Then this week, miraculously the garbage was once again cleaned out and a fresh bag stretched across my bin. Yay!

... on Monday, then again on Tuesday, once more on Wednesday... every day! What the heck? I usually only had cleaning scheduled each Tuesday night. DAILY disposal was really overkill; but I guess it was better than being totally ignored.

And then I spotted perhaps the reason my office was such a magnet for the new Housekeeper; my recently-filled candy dish had been nearly emptied overnight. In one fell swoop, my two bags of Lifesavers mints were gone, save for a few lonely pieces left to mourn the raid.

So much for the common courtesy of "help yourself to ONE or TWO".

Nope. Now it's more like "Fill your fists, pockets and backpack with as much as you can carry" attitude.

When I mentioned it to my co-workers, they weren't surprised at all. Apparently the huge jelly bean jar in the main office had been pillaged too.


Well, I guess it's time to hide the candy at night.

I really don't care about a measly few dollars; but if that buggar even TOUCHES my vintage toys I keep on my desk, he's in for a whole lotta hurt.

Take my candy, but paws off my toys!

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Jaffer said...

Hide a mouse-trap in your candy-bowl

Babs-beetle said...

I'll never understand how people can do that. I might sneak one, but no more than that.

Maybe Jaffer has a point :)

Unknown said...

I agree with Babs-beetle, I would probably steal a few but not enough that you'd actually notice!

JoJo said...

Wow, that takes some serious cojones to steal so much candy like that.

Daisy said...

That might be the type of person who brings a doggie bag to an all-you-can-eat buffet!

Cupcake Blonde said...

It's really sad that we can't seem to trust anyone anymore. I have to lock up all my "I've had a horrible day, where's my chocolate" stash because people kept taking it without asking. I guess having it on my desk is not enough proof it's MINE.

Heather said...

I feel your pain!! Our cleaning ladies come in during the day and are super sweet. However, someone (we still aren't sure WHO, although we suspect a night guard) comes through our office at night and raids our refrigerator. If you leave food in there over night, don't expect it to be there the next day. One day, he/she even ate leftovers from my lunch that I meant to take home with me that evening...leftovers I had EATEN OFF OF. And THEN put the empty Styrofoam container back into the fridge!

choochoo said...

leave a special bowl of candy for her. Just soak it gently in the toilet bowl first. Might not wanna put that on your desk, though.

Janet said...

Good grief! Time to set up the hidden camera...

Heather said...

No doubt!! I've told my boss that we are the IT department...we ought to be able to set up a hidden camera in our kitchen to catch our food thief! LOL

Maureen said...

Jaffer! Ha! Now THAT would serve him right...

Babs: I don't understand either... it's a locked office; obviously he was the only one in it that night; how the heck does he think I wouldn't notice?

Laura Elizabeth: I know! Guy's got nerve alright... I wonder if he noticed I lock up the bowl now...

Jo-Jo: That's fer sure. I wonder if I am his only victim. Probably not. If he's new, he sure won't last long.

Daisy: You are probably right!!!!

Lady Banana: HAR!!! OMG, but with my memory, I can just SEE the worst happening... Maureen is having a rough day. Ooh! Chocolate fix time - nom, nom, nom. Oh CRAP! ;)

CrazyPrincess: Nope, it seems that nowadays unless it is tied down, people feel the need / right to help themselves to all they can take. Good thing I have lockable drawers.

OMG Heather!!!! He EATS your leftovers??? Now THAT is a reportable offence IMHO.

Ewwwwww ChooChoo!!!!

Janet and Heather: Oh, how I WISH I could -- that would be something to see alright.

Heather said...

I know, right?? I didn't necessarily want the leftovers, but I was slightly disgusted that he/she ATE them...I had bitten off one of the chicken tenders. BLECH!!!

Richard said...

Good news: They left the bowl.

Jaime D Buckley said...

I agree with Choochoo with a slight twist--exactly what Lady Banana said! It works...we had a similar problem.

I bought a bunch of tootsie rolls (ANY dark candy that comes wrapped in individual pieces will work), first as a tester...then as the punishment.

Placed a set of the candies out. They disappeared...good to go. Bought some ex-lax and cut them in the shapes desired, re-wrapped them and then left them out when you leave.

What made me laugh was out of 20 in the bowl, there was 1 left....I never had candy stolen again. (smirk)

rommelfernandes said...

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CatCat said...

haha. though, it is good that your place is clean, it is inevitable that this "housekeeper" will gonna get some of your things since she/he had get already your candies without saying a word.haha.

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