Back to Normal

Ah, the holidays. The time of year when everything seems to go, well, "wonky". Everything gets interrupted by special activities, special sales, special music, special decor and special meals.

Don't get me wrong ... I LOVE the holidays.

But I also love to get back to "normal" afterwards.

Normal schedules, normal activities, yup, even normal TV....

But this?

This is definitely NOT "normal" for January in Winterpeg:

"Normal" for January here is oh, about - 40 C...

And even stranger, for the first time not only am I feeding the bunnies in our yard (as documented LAST YEAR), it seems someone hasn't tucked himself away for winter hibernation yet:

The little chippy was enjoying the nuts, seeds and fruit mix I sprinkle at the tunnel opening in the snow the bunnies have made - down below that tree stump under the deck. The plump yet fastidious go-getter not only was feasting on the treats, he was er, squirreling away (because "chipmunking away" just sounds stupid) most of them in that flower pot. For every one he ate, another three or four were buried deep into his treasure trove, cleverly up out of the reach of the bunnies.

Nope, nothing around here seems normal at all yet...

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Daisy said...

We had an extra-cold week in So. FL last week... my Mommeh resorted to buying a little tiny space heater for her office. She said it was 60 degrees INSIDE the office when she got in.

Babs-beetle said...

Well it's not normal here either!

As I write this it's 8:30pm and 50 degrees! This time of year is usually under 10 degrees and often freezing, or below. We feel somewhat cheated out of our winter so far. My camera hasn't even been taken outside to capture the frost.

Bart said...

We're having temperatures above 10°C here in tropical Belgium, but we're also bashed about by one storm front after the other. At certain moments I was living in fear that some part of the house would be blown away.

Jay said...

As Babs says, not normal here either!! We've had no frost to speak of, and not much rain. We've had some wind, but nothing outrageous and the temperatures have been positively autumnal. We'll pay for it in February and March, I suspect.

Fancy seeing a little chipmunk out and about in Winnipeg in winter!! We see squirrels in the part at times, but we're certainly not expecting 40 below!

Kathy said...

Not normal here either. There's a group of amateur weather forecasters here who say we're in for a rude awakening next week. We (and the birds) shouldn't get too comfy with this balminess. Huh. "Balminess" is a word. How 'bout that.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Maureen!!

I'm in total shock over the weather in your part of the country. Here in Vancouver were pretty seasonal, though, I do have some buds on the backyard shrubs which is odd.

JoJo said...

I've been to the beach more in the first 2 weeks of January than I was all summer. The weather in coastal Massachusetts has been lovely! We get some cold days now and then but overall it's been very mild, in the 50's and sunny. Pop by my blog on the 13th when today's beach trip publishes.

Maureen said...

It looks like we are back to "normal"...

(see today's post)

I knew it wouldn't last.

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