My Refuge

Sure is quiet around here.

You see, I've been spending the majority of my time working on redecorating my craft room. As a matter of fact, I no longer refer to it as my "craft room". I have dubbed it my "art studio", perhaps to give me incentive to actually create some art in there... other than home made cards, that is.

Anyway, when daughter and I switched rooms last Fall, I decided it was time to not just pile all my crap, er V.I.S. (Very Important Stuff) in there, but to actually decorate it too. Since I was beginning to collect some vintage and antique items, my "Art Studio" has gradually transformed into a "Victorian Studio" and I love it! If you want to see a few pictures, click on over... in July there will be a post with a complete reveal slideshow.

Now that I have my own TV and couch, gone are the days of helplessly watching hubby channel-surf. I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want! (and so can he without my comments about Controlling the Remote Control). Or I can simply listen to it whilst actually creating something at my desk.

Yep. I have finally finished my refuge; my very own place to relax, create and even indulge in a snack or two.

Although that latter task has it's hazards. It seems the cats and dog still knew where to find me (and my snacks):


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Heather said...

Those eyes look familiar! (Why do they always find us and our snacks??) I would love to redo our junk room/guest room/scrapbook room that is now a hodge podge of colors, styles and generally a big ole mess and have a beautiful, coordinated, classy ART STUDIO. One day!! :)

Babs-beetle said...

Well, I had one once. It's now the cat room! My hobbies are pretty much non existent lately, aside from trying to write a book.

JoJo said...

My craft room looks like a bomb exploded. There just isn't room to organize like i'd like to, this being a rental home and all. Someday!

Bart said...

Cats and dog are not there for your snacks, they have something to say about how you use the remote control.

Daisy said...

Maybe you should keep a jar of freeze-dried chicken liver treats in that room. Just sayin'.

Maureen said...

OH Heather... I to once had a hodge-podge of storage and no real "theme" per se for many years. I was finally inspired by so many other rooms that I finally settled on my antique room. And it's taken nearly a year to complete. But I love spending time here now.

Babs! You are writing a book! Fab! You must let me know when it is done; I shall need to order an autographed copy ;)

Ah, Jo-Jo. Yes, with rentals it's a different story indeed. I am very lucky to be able to paint what I want and put up what I want.

Ahahahaha! Bart, you are hilarious! (and probably right!)

Oh Daisy, yes, I guess I should!

ANNE said...

Sweet! I love your pets!!! Thanks for your comment on my Where Bloggers Create post. I'm in B.C. a stone's throw from the Rocky Mountains - I definitely need a heater for the winter months in that shed! :)

Have a fabulous day. I'm your newest follower.

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