Playing Tourist

Okay... I have to admit it.

I have never been to the Royal Canadian Mint. You know. The place that MAKES MONEY for nearly half the countries around the world. The beautiful building that was used in the last scene of the 2005 movie "The Constant Gardener".

Yep... never been there. Even though it's been nearly in my backyard since 1976.

A mere stone's throw from my home (although, if I threw a stone I would surely be in trouble --that's alotta glass windows) and I had never even stepped foot inside.

Until Friday that is.

With Canada Day fast approaching, and this being the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, I wanted to get my hands on a few commemorative Toonies that were on sale. So I got off my butt and played "Tourist", snapping photos of

a Mountie Moose:

Olympic medals:

Lush gardens and pools inside the foyer:

Antique artifacts:

and outdoor beauty:

with Canada Geese making an official appearance of course:

And while I was there, I made sure to pick up a few rolls of pennies; struck for only 4 months, the 2012 penny will be our last.

It was fun alright.

And it only took me 36 years to travel a few blocks to get there.

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JoJo said...

It's funny how people will travel to remote corners of the world but never explore their own areas. I'm guilty of it too. Great tour! There's a mountie moose in Victoria too.

CarrieMarie said...

mmm...mounties...! : )

i'm guilty of that same thing. i love going to museums & things, but forget about the wonderful ones nearby in my own towns! my goal is to be better about that...thanks for the inspiration! :D

Kisma said...

We live in a beautiful state with a millon things to do and have yet to do even HALF of them.

The pictures are awesome. Glad you had fun!

Daisy said...

That's a very pretty place! We live in south Florida and my Mommeh never, ever goes to the beach!

Babs-beetle said...

I lived in London (and worked in the centre of London) all my young life, but I expect there are many places I didn't visit too. I don't think I ever visited the Tower of London.

Ed & Jeanne said...

You should have at least grabbed a pallet of bills while you were there.

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I can't believe they were able to get rid of the penny up there. I love pennies and I so hope they never get rid of them in the US. I'm sure they will one day, but I hope no time soon.

Bruce Johnson said...

Interesting, but I don't money anymore. Everything I do is done with a debt card, so the government can track my every move and know how much I owe them in taxes. I am such a good doobie.

I have a $10 bill in my wallet that has been there for months. I don't even recall how it got there.

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