Weather Blues - And Fingers Too

Today I was forced to turn the heater on in my office.

I warmed my hands on numerous cups of hot tea.

I warmed my hands on a big bowl of hot noodle soup for lunch.

Why? Is it winter?

Nope. Summer. Just about smack middle of it really.

Do you live in the Southern hemisphere?

Nope. Canada. And not Northern Canada at the Pole. Southern edge... mere minutes from the US border.

Is it an unseasonably cold day outside?

Hell no. We are currently enjoying enduring this. With the Humidex, it should be hitting the mid-40's (ie. near 110 F) by the afternoon:

Do you work in a freezer perchance?


A freakin' freezing hospital that knows not how to use A/C. The wards, where the poor patients are sweltering are in the old wings has not the benefit of this "new-fangled-technology".

Lucky me.

I shouldn't complain, but I am regretting not bringing my red Olympic mitts to work today. Maybe I'll go steal some unused blankets from the ward.... they'll never miss them.

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Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I had to bring a sweater and some warm socks to go to the movies the other day. I joked there are two seasons, one where you wear your jacket when you are outside, and one when you wear your jacket when you are inside.

JoJo said...

I remember freezing to death when I worked at the TV station in Boston, where the a/c had to be kept cranked to keep the equipment cool. Then we'd walk outside for our breaks and die from the heat/humidity outside.

Vinita Apte said...

Oh yeah the some offices, restaurants and even Movie halls don't know how to adjust their A.C's and you end up shivering the whole time...

Bart said...

If you have any complaints, come to Western Europe. It's cold inside, but also outside.
My Ipod shuffled to a song titled 'Winter in Brussels' this morning. Very appropriate

Denise said...

Yes,I know what you mean. Me being a retired RN.I can remember thinking"Can this really be good for the poor sick people."They always say it's to keep the germs down but the poor skinny old folks must be uncomfortable.Thanks for dropping by-Denise

The Asian Pear said...

O_O; I have the opposite problem. Too hot! Too hot! >_<

Daisy said...

My Mommeh knows just how you feel! We live in south FL, but she has a tiny little desk heater that she uses because the A/C is on so high at work.

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