A Silver Lining

One of the great things about decorating a vintage studio is the discovery of treasures at the local thrift shops. I've really turned into a Thrift-Store-Aholic; and have become quite adept at hunting down all kinds of antique cabinets, old frames, vintage linens and wonderful tarnished silver.

As I was unloading the wonderful lot of goodies pictured above from my cart at the Value Village checkout, the lady behind me in line perused my treasures and commented:

"My! SOMEONE sure likes silver!"

I smiled and explained how I was going to use it to store my art tools and brushes in my studio.

"Well!" she exclaimed. "I sure wouldn't want to be the one to polish it all!"

I countered that no polishing was necessary; I loved the aged patina on them and would leave them be.

"Hmmph" she snorted derisively. "To each his own..... I guess."

Outwardly, I laughed.

Inwardly, I screamed to myself "BITCH!"

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Lynn said...

HA! That's funny. Some people... But I think the silver is lovely, and it would be a match to the tarnished cream/sugar set on top of the china cabinet! :)

JoJo said...

Some people are so snotty!!! I like how some of my silver has gotten the patina, but I do occasionally run a cloth over them so that I can see the design. My fiance' has a silver spoon that was always badly tarnished till I polished it. Turns out it's a very old Cape Cod Canal design. No idea how old it is but it's a real treasure!!!

The Asian Pear said...

What a brilliant idea! Silverware for your art tool and brushes. I think it'll look lovely. I also love the look of tarnished silver. Gives it this classic and vintage look.

Babs-beetle said...

Bitch! ;)

John Dearden said...

Great idea to use that for your supplies. Makes me want to go to a thrift store now.

Good restraint just laughing at her, only :)

Kisma said...

Haha, people make me laugh! That is classic and I love your decorating ideas!!! Take pictures!!!

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

How empty her life must be to intrude into yours like that.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Bitch indeed! I hate it when people think they know everything about you. I get asked a lot if I have kids and when I say no they ask why not. Uh, none of your business!

I LOVE thrift stores and antique stores!! My husband and I are obsessed with peeking intostores that hold treasures of the past.

Daisy said...

I agree, the patina is nice. I don't think other people should comment on purchases. What is even worse is when the servers say to my Mommeh at a restaurant "Well, SOMEONE sure was hungry!"

Unknown said...

Well it was interesting to see that old silver tea accessories in the photo...well old things are worth artistic...they will convert into antiques in the long future...

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