My Pet Spider

If you're familiar with the "My Pet Monster" show, you will find yourself singing this post's title to that song.

If you weren't a fan of 1980's cartoons... well, here you go:

You will now be singing that song for the rest of the day.

You're welcome (insert devious laughter here).

Anyway, it's what came to my mind since I discovered a strange phenomenon that began last Spring.

One day when I went out to the car, I discovered a spider had created an intricate web in-between my driver's side car door and mirror. Without much thought, I promptly swept it away (and then realized to my horror I had a spider web stuck to my hand...)

The next day it was back again, and, of course, I cleaned it up again (this time with a tissue).

But every day afterward that web would re-appear, fully intact once more as if in defiance to my vain attempts to keep my car from looking like an early Halloween project.

Even a trip to the States (over 1800 Km!) didn't jostle the arachnid from his cozy home inside my mirror... the webs re-appeared each morning in Minneapolis!

There have only been a handful of times I have actually seen My Pet Spider. He peeked out during one trip down the street, so I didn't have my camera at the ready. Another time I spotted him was holding on for dear life as I sped down the highway -- he was jostled to and fro in the wind; hanging onto the web until he slowly made his way safely back into the confines of his home behind my mirror.

My Pet Spider is strong, brave and apparently content to stay - protected from the elements with a great spot (obviously) to make and re-make his trap.

It was only a few days ago that I finally had a chance to capture him on film -- after I had parked at work, he peeked out and I snapped him with my iPhone (hence the poor quality - sorry):

He's big and hairy, but I have gotten used to the little bugger. Now I don't wipe away is web; it does get damaged from the wind so he rebuilds it when needed, but I just can't bring myself to deliberately tear it down anymore. You've just got to admire that tenacity.

And each morning I smile when I see he's been hard at work overnight once again.

"My Pet Spider.
On him I can depend.
My Pet Spider.
A spider for a friend.
My Pet Spider.
He's big and brown and scary,
But a friendly spider too.
My Pet Spider,
Pet Spider I love you!"

6 People would rather be commenting:

Daisy said...

That is one very determined spider!

JoJo said...

You are a much better person than me. i would have squirted Raid in my mirror.

The Asian Pear said...

oh dear. now the theme song will be stuck there for the entire day... also, I'm with Jojo. I might not have killed with Raid but I might have taken some sorta paper as soon as I saw him to scoot him away.

Babs-beetle said...

I couldn't possibly share my space with a spider! You are very brave.

Kisma said...

I'm with JoJo- I don't do spiders. BUT, that is very, very impressive and kinda cool.

Borhan Uddin said...

that really a very amazing Spider not man...HA ha Ha ....interesting..looks like he is very determinant...

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