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So hurry and get yours now!

While supplies last!

I wish I would have coined and patented the term "Limited Edition". It has become one of the most over-used sales pitches ever. From toys to video games, art, comics and cars, manufacturers have preyed upon our greedy human nature. They WANT us to stress over getting something others don't have, or won't have, if they're not first in line.

I should know; I've been falling for it for years.

But not this time.

Now it's simply getting ridiculous. Believe it or not, McDonald's now has a "Limited Edition" sandwich. What the heck??? Yes, in the past they've had food that is only available "for a limited time only" (remember the Shamrock Shake anyone?), but to actually advertise the Bacon Ranch McChicken as a "Limited Edition" just irks me to no end.

Limited Edition BurgerWhat, do they have little edition numbers printed on the bottom or something? Do they come with Certificates of Authenticity?

A New Hope Limited Edition

Yeah, I WISH I had the patent on that term. With all that new income, maybe I could offset at least some of the money I spent on those so-called "Limited Edition" Star Wars toys, movies, comics, video games ...

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Creative-Type Dad said...

The words "Limited Edition" make people do stupid things.

Just like "Free t-shirts" makes people do stupid things too

Maureen said...


Wow, can you imagine the mayhem that would ensue if someone came out with "Limited Edition Free T-Shirts???"

Heidi Hyde said...


BTW- Congrats on your Egel Nest Award!!


Curly Glamour Girlie said...

McDonalds is easily one of the reasons everyone else laughs at Americans.


Hi..just stopping by from the Egels nest..congrats on your award..Bradley rocks...couldn't get an award from a nicer guy.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh!
Aren't there so many idiotically overused phrases out there like this! I am absolutely with you on this one. Another one that sends me clawing up the walls... "Think outside the box." What the hell are you doing inside the box in the first place? ARGH!
I found you on, you won one of his awards so I thought I'd come see your stuff.
So far, I'm diggin' it! :-)

Rachel said...

oops. Have to give Bradley his credit!

Anonymous said...

Flew over here to find others that have hatched.

Amazing how much we have in common.

Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie - I had the chance to see in in the theater.

I have the comic from the weekend Schultz died.

Ted Neeley cemented my love of the musical.

But...I love lima beans when they are cooked in lots of butter and detest cranberries...but we can just switch come snack time :)

Irene said...

There is the limited edition of myself. It runs out in about 88 years and there is only one copy of it. It is very unique.

NH Yocal said...

I know, what is this world coming to? I am starting to think we are a bit of a "hyper-marketing" country. Everything has to have some tagline to it. And McDonald's putting that on a sandwich, they should be ashamed of I need to hurry up and get me one of those, I'm starving and they will be all gone soon.

Cupcake Blonde said...

People nowadays are rabid enough about buying certain things, there does not need to be a limited edition put on items. I think this causes more frenzy than its worth. What really irks me is I will buy a DVD and they will come out with a "Limited Edition" or a "Special Edition" or a "Director's Cut" a few months later. Thanks for wasting my money stupid DVD marketers.

And now I have to fly on over to this site that gave you an award.

Jill said...

Maybe you can use the limited edition number to track your heart attack or something...

Nell said...

I noticed the other day that this is the third year that Ghiradelli chocolate is selling the same "Limited Edition" Christmas chocolate. Is it left over? Or reissued? Either way it's not exactly "limited."

What I'm trying to say is that its overuse bugs me too. :)

Canadian flake said...

omg I TOTALLY remember the shamrock shakes...does that make me old?? LOL.

I have been taking a break from blogger land...hope you don't mind that I spend some time now catching up on what I missed..

Anonymous said...

This is a limited edition comment. After this comment is made, it will be extinct. Read this comment now, before it is too late!*

*If, of course, enough people read this comment and it seems wise to make more comments, I will, of course, oblige, but it will still be a limited edition, just not quite as limited.

The Egel Nest said...

Limited edition and limited time only are way overused...

The Mcrib is back also...for a limited time sounds disgusting...but someone is eating them...they keep bringing it back!!!

The Egel Nest

toners said...

LOL! That irks me too...the Disney DVDs always have if you just have to get it NOW - or else!

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

Came here from the Egel Nest. I'm with you on this post.

What about the Certificate of Authenticity?

And can we frame it?



Mom Knows Everything said...

OMG...Shamrock shakes were so good!

Lynn said...

I have to agree! They will try anything to get us to buy, buy, and buy. The crazy thing is we keep doing it!ha.... who are the dummies... I'm one of them.

Janet said...

Totally agree with you on the use of that term. Although I do look forward to Shamrock Shakes every year.... jp

Marci said...

You are SO RIGHT!! I have always been so frustrated with that term, and can't believe that it could possibly apply to a sandwich :)

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Maureen:

I heard about your blog from my son.

I agree..........your writing is so interesting!!

Hello, new friend!!


Stacey said...

Total ploy to get us to spend buttloads of money on something that most likely isn't worth it.

Stacey said...

Total ploy to get us to spend buttloads of money on something that most likely isn't worth it.

Maureen said...

Wow, thanks to the Egel's Nest I have more comments here than ever before...

Heidi: Thank you!

CGG: Well, McD's is all over the world now, so we ALL have to deal with them... and their addictive treats!

Dixiechick: I have to agree 100% with you there... Bradley's a great guy.

Rachel: Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, there are many terms that are so overdone...

April! Freaky, and yes you are more than welcome to all my lima beans (especially if you'll trade them for cranberries!!!)

Irene: You are one Limited Edition I am pleased to know...

Melinda: How true... even though they piss me off at times, they KNOW I will be back for those darn fries again.

VP: Take it from someone who probably owns about 6 different versions of the Star Wars saga... I know your pain!

Jill: As someone who builds cardiac databases, I just may have to add a field for those tracking numbers! Great idea!!!!

Nell: As long as it's not the SAME chocolate they're selling...

Canadian Flake: I actually liked the Shamrock Shakes too... glad to see you're back!

Oooooh! I was on time to read Frogster's Limited Edition comment! Yeah! I win! I win!!!!

Bradley: Just the shape of the McRib scares me... and I have never even tasted one (perhaps that's a good thing...)

Toners: Oh, yeah, Disney has gotten me one too many times too...

Hey David! Great to see you from the Land Down Under!!! (somewhere I would LOVE to visit one day). I think the burgers are actually wrapped in the Certificates of Authenticity. If you can still read them through the grease stains, you can frame them for all to appreciate.

Tammy: I have to admit I agree with you there.

Lynn: and me to, obviously.

JP: Looks like there are a lot of us just waiting for St. Patty's Day...

Hey Marci: And I can't believe I just saw a commercial on TV for a "Limited Edition TMX Elmo"!!!! GAAAAAA.... make the madness STOP fer crying out loud!!!!

Hi Bradley's Mom! Wow! So cool you dropped by... you have a great kid there, you know (but you know that already....) Hello to you, new friend too!!!

Worker Mommy: Exactly. And it works (dammit).

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Congrats on your Egel Award. Great content. I'll be back.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I hate "limited editions," too. They should just start calling them "Suck more money out of consumers editions."

Ed & Jeanne said...

My whole life is a limited edition. I had planned on living forever but I have a sneaky suspicion it will be the limited edition format. Also, my boss didn't like my open end of my vacation request and gave me the limited edition of that too!

Candace said...

i think i just saw a commercial for the mcrib.
it's back. i think it started out as a limited edition..
loved your velveteen post!

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