Activate Avoidance Sequence...

... now.

There's a new database clerk at work who won't leave me alone.

She's stuck to me like Super Glue.

Oh. Joy.

When she was hired a few weeks back, I was asked to meet briefly with her to do my usual schitck.... you know, introduce myself and let her know that I am the computer geek support person for the Program. Like I do every time someone starts here.

That was the beginning of the end of my treasured solitary office lifestyle.

Because since then:

She emails me multiple times a day.

She leaves voicemails constantly.

She pops by unannounced.

She doesn't make a decision or move without consulting me first.

She even saves a seat for me beside her at meetings. And when I sit across the table, she MOVES to sit next to me.

Last week she pleaded for another one of her "emergency" meetings. After many emails and voicemail requests for help, I dragged myself over to her office in another building. Just to supervise her pushing one frickin' button.

Now, I AM a team player. I am also willing to help out a newbie. But this is getting ridiculous...


I need an Advanced Warning System with my very own tracking radar.

Until I can requisition that, I'll have to depend on call display and my locked door without a window.

Because I am officially in hiding.

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MYM said...

lol ... oh dear. You're just too darn helpful ... all the needy newbies are gonna attach themselves to you and follow you like the penguins follow the cursor on my blog!

Jill said...

Awww! She sounds kind'a lonely actually. :-( :-( :-(

Well, either that or incompetent. Hopefully it's the former & she makes some friends at her new job soon. I hope she settles in quickly so you can get back to work!!!!!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Maybe you need to be firm and say "Look I am not always going to be around so you do have to figure this out on your own eventually." Is that too mean? Because really, after a while she has to be expected to do her work on her own. You are way more patient than most people would be. :)

Bruce Johnson said...

I know this better than you can ever imagine. We have two know hires in the office and management never thinks to put in requests for their hardware or system profiles until after they are hired, so during their first week, they wear a path in the carpet to my door, indicating that so-and-so needs this, or can you make this drive, etc, etc..... and those are just the new hires, you don't want to know about the ones that have been here 3 years that can't do anything.

Unknown said...

I tried to comment and blogger doesn't like me all of a sudden. If this gors through, so be it. But I'll come by some other time.

Phoenix5 said...

That would drive me crazy too! I've trained most of the temps and summer "students" in my workplace, and some of them can't even think for themselves, and ask MY permission to do ANYTHING! And I'm not even their lead hand, let alonetheir manager! The only upside is, the temps disappeared after a few days, and the one summer student has finally started to work independantly and is actually doing quite well. There is hope, Maureen!


Anonymous said...

Just sniff a lot and when she asks what's up, casually mention that your tuberculosis is acting up again. Or that you urgently need to see the doctor for another one of those Ebola shots before another one of your kids dies.

Ed & Jeanne said...

When you wake up and find her in the bed between you and your husband, THAT's when you should draw the line!

Jo Beaufoix said...

So. Annoying. Maybe you should move or change your name or something?? Shivers.

Tara R. said...

I feel your pain... the only difference is that behind my locked door I have a big window. Good luck shaking her off.

Heaven said...

Hhhmmm, maybe give her your blog address?

Maureen said...

Drowsey Monkey: I didn't mind helping at first, but now it IS getting annoying. And I love your penguins!

Jill: Perhaps she is; I know starting a new job is hard, getting to know everyone; but I feel like I'm doing her job!

Vegas Princess: I am such a suck when it comes to saying NO...

Lotus07: Hah! Your job sounds just like mine! (So sad, really)

Iceel: Hopefully your Blogger issues are resolved now!

Phoenix5: Exactly! And I hope you had a great Canada Day too my fellow Canuck!

Be.Bart: Hahahahaha!!! That's great! I only WISH I could say something like that... hilarious!

VE: Now THAT's scary!

Jo: I think she has me on speed dial... I really DO need an unlisted number at the office. It would eliminate all that nasty work stuff and give me more time for important things like blogging.

Tara: Yeah, I LOVE my office; no window on the door and the only other windows are up way high so no one can see in... perfect.

Cori: Ha!!! I'd better not...

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Well maybe if you weren't so likable. Do this... try acting really crabby every time she's around and eventually she'll get sick of you and leave you alone.

toners said...

Can I borrow some of that patience that you have? I could really use it about now... :)

Unknown said...

What I was going to say was ... that when the newbies show up, I affect this grumpy old man thing and they avoid me like the plague. Later on the learn otherwise, but by then (hopefully) they know what they're doing.

Ed (zoesdad) said... got a puppy!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Got here from recommended blogs on Google. Glad I did. Such a funny and fun blog. Sounds like you have a little sister for awhile. Hang in there. It will wear off and then you'll miss her. :-) Maybe....

Maureen said...

Jeff: Aww, you're too sweet. But yeah, I don't think I can pull off "crabby"... I'd feel too bad! (can you hear my hubby laughing hysterically in the background?)

Toners: Well, I may have patience on the outside, but inside I get anxious...

Iceel: Hah! Good trick.

Ed: Hahahaha!!! Yeah, I think I DO.

Jonny's Mommy: Welcome! Thanks so much... being the youngest sibling, I definitely have no experience with a Younger Sister... and no, I am too much of a loner to miss her. I am socially inept that way ;)

Stacey said...

Yikes. Keep your door closed. I'm quite sure someone like that would drive me absolutely batshit crazy!

Hopefully she relaxs just a bit as she get more confident in her job.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord. These people scare the crap out of me. And I have no where to hide in my wee cubicle. Save us all from the clingy co-worker!

(Oh, and I've only been reading through Google Reader for awhile, so I haven't seen your new pic. You're adorable!)

ShannanB said...

It's like your own version of Single White Feamale, lol.

Maureen said...

Worker Mommy: So far, my attempts at avoiding her is working; but then again it could just be that I've been on vacation for a couple of days too.

Aw, Andie, you're too kind (and a bit near-sighted I do believe). ;) Thank goodness I don't have a cubicle... I cringe at the thought.. Ahhh!!!!

ShannanB: I'll start to REALLY worry if she begins wearing stilettos (you'd have to see the movie if you don't catch that reference...)

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

See, you need to bestow on her some tic tacs or some other noisy pocket item so you can hear her coming a mile away.

(Pilfered completely from a Seinfeld episode)

Jen W said...

OMG!!! I've been there. That is the worst. Especially if people are unable, or unwilling, to read your body language that is trying to say, "Please go away!"

Maureen said...

Curly Glamour Girlie: Yeah! She's a SIDLER alright!!! (Yes, I love Seinfeld too) ;)

Jen W: Maybe I need a name tag: "Hi! I'm: Go Away!"

Janet said...

I can totally relate to this! When I worked in HR, I had a case of this, too...and now that I no longer work there, I STILL run into that particular person -- at weird places! I don't see anybody else I used to work with -- just her! Ergh!!

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