I Rock!

"So today's the day, eh?"

"For what?" Daughter mumbled, in-between bites of raspberry & cherry pancakes.

"Today. The day Rock Band comes out for Wii." I informed her, as matter-a-factly as I can, gulping down another swig of peach juice.

"No. Not on a Sunday." Munch. Munch. "I think it comes out Tuesday."

It's 11:40 am and we continue noshing lazily on our traditional Sunday brunch.

"No, today is the 22nd. It comes out today." I insisted. "I saw a TV ad for it yesterday." Mmmm... these oranges are really good...

Daughter grabbed my laptop and checked. Her eyes widened and the color drained from her face as Panic sets in. "Aaaahhh! We need to get to Walmart in 15 minutes!!!!"

In a flurry of action, we dropped our forks, changed Superman-speed into something non-pyjama-ish, hopped into the Batmobile er, Caravan and sped off for the mall... abandoning hubby in our wake as he continued to sit dumbfounded, sipping on his morning coffee while the dust and paper napkins settled down around him.

Ten minutes later we arrived to find no less than 50 people milling around outside Walmart's doors. And more were sardined in-between the doors.

Not. Good.

I parked the car after daughter performed her best Action-Film-Like Leap From a Moving Vehicle and joined the crowd. By the time I got there, the doors had just opened, and what do I see but Daughter, the FIRST inside sprinting to Electronics.

I caught up with her after she performed quick sweep of the unmanned department (with a lady and two nerdy guys hard on her heels), finally finding a little typed note taped to the empty Wii games cabinet:

Due to vendor availability, Rock Band for Wii deliveries have been delayed

"Noooooo!!!" *

(*NOT what she REALLY said).

Her hands slid down the glass in despair.

In an instant, she was gone again and I fell far behind, as she raced to the only videogame store in the mall... the same place that informed her weeks ago that all the Rock Band pre-orders were sold out.

Their doors hadn't opened yet, but there was Daughter, second inside once they did.

There they were. Stacked up beside the registers.

The Holy Grail she had been hunting for months. I do believe they were glowing with an ethereal radiance.

Then again, it just could have been the sunbeams streaming through the mall skylights.

Rock Band for Wii. Three boxes. That's all.

But were they holding them for the Pre-Orders only?

When she got to the till, Daughter nervously asked for one. The geeky clerk adjusted his thick glasses and asked if she had a pre-order slip.

Time stopped.

Her heart sank.

No!!!! They were so close! She could touch them!

She admitted, no, she didn't.

He looked her in the eye.

She held her breath.

And he simply said "Okay" and rang her through.

With shaking hands, she now possessed her prize. Giggling, she lumbered out of the mall with the huge box.

I think I even saw a tear in her eye.

And in less than an hour after first realizing today was The Day (and after numerous appreciative hugs) there she was, pounding on the drums at 99% Expert as she showed us what the heck all the hoopla was about.

Yes, I said "Hoopla".

I have to admit it IS pretty cool. And she is really good at it.

My Daughter, the Rock Star

But I was the Rock Star that day.

I Rock.

I really do.

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PG said...

nice work mom!

so, have you taken a turn? are you rock star material?

Maureen said...

:) Nah... not yet. So far, I'm simply a Groupie.

I still get confused just WATCHING, never mind trying to play!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Great retelling! You had me nervous for the outcome! And I must say... she was pretty lucky :-)

Bruce Johnson said...

SWEET....I have been waiting to get a Wii, but I have yet to see one in stores around here 2 years after their release. The only way to to get one it seems is to hunt for them on ebay. The big box stores are sold out of them weeks prior to delivery.

darla said...

Great Job Mom! I'm sure you really do rock! I'm also sure Daughter is feeling very lucky to have such a cool Mom!

Unknown said...

Once in a while (but only once in a great while) events conspire to show us, to our children, as Heroes. If only they knew how heroic we were all THE TIME.

Jessica said...

Aw, great story! I'm glad things worked out. :)

Maureen said...

Jeff: Thanks! Yeah, lucky is right. Those were the ONLY 3 available... Wii stuff is notoriously hard to get, especially at first.

Lotus07: Yikes! We lucked out last fall and picked the console up months before Christmas. We just grabbed it when we saw it. It is so popular, it is incredibly hard to find games too.

Darla: Yeah, I earned me some big Mom points THAT day!

Iceel: You know, I have a great relationship with my daughter. Being an only child, we are very close... so we really enjoy doing these things together.

Jessica: Thanks! Yeah, I seriously doubted we would get one that day... but I guess you still have to try! At least we didn't have to wait in line for hours...

Ed & Jeanne said...

I refuse to wait in line for a Wii product. I refuse to pay anything over suggested price for a Wii product. I figure I'll get mine around 2015...

Nice recap though...I was sweating with anticipation (or was it from laying in the sun?)

Jen W said...

I think what rocks even more is that you made raspberry and cherry pancakes!!! You domestic goddess you!

Heaven said...

So that's what that is! I saw a guy coming out of Walmart with one those things. I'm so out of the loop.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Zoe got some new colors today.

The 24 pack.

Maureen said...

VE: Yup. No line ups. No waiting. In 9 minutes past twelve, we were out of there. Quite amazing actually.

Jen W: Hah! They were quite delish... it was hard to break away from them! ;) Thanks!

Cori: Impossible NOT to know if you have a teenager these days...

Ed: Lucky Zoe! The 24 pack rocks. But I have to say, Daughter PAID for this herself; I just provided the reminder and the ride. I didn't lay out one cent!

Cupcake Blonde said...

This had my heart racing, reminding me of our quest to find the Wii Fit. I am so glad she was victorious in the end! We pre-ordered our copy so we strolled in an hour after the store opened and picked up our own big box. Make sure Sweet Daughter reserves her copy of the first Song Pack, it comes out July 16th.

Sadly, with the rents here and numerous saved TV shows to catch up on before our Tivos just give up and stop storing them, we have yet to crack open either the Wii Fit or Rock Band. And after all that work...

MYM said...

Oh that's what that is. I saw/heard (unfortunately) kids playing it at Walmart, of all places. lol

You're a great storyteller ... good build-up ... I was waiting for a sad ending! But... Yay! LOL

Momo Fali said...

Oh, you REALLY do! I'm so jealous! I can't wait to get this. I'll trade you a busted Hannah Montana game AND Madden 08 for it. Deal?

Stacey said...

Right on.

I love a good score

(oops didn't mean for that to sound so remarkably drug addict like )

Birdie said...

yeah you're the coolest mom ever! WE jsut played it for the first time at my brother's house last weekend. I just posted a video at the buzz in fact! You'll appreciate it -hee hee

Maureen said...

Vegas Princess: You KNOW I was thinking of you when we began our quest; after reading about your Wii Fit experience, I really didn't think we would be successful! Hope you get to "play" soon!

Drowsey Monkey: Thanks! Yeah, the kids have been playing it on other platforms for months, so Daughter knew she wanted it when Wii finally brought out their version.

Momo: Hah! Sorry, Daughter's too old for Hannah and hubby could never figure out Madden. So I guess we'll stick with the Rock Band ;)

Worker Mommy: You reminded me of the joke I made up for daughter; I told her not to become too much like a real Rock Star, or she'll end up in "Wii-Hab!"

Hahahahahaha!!!!! I kill myself. But daughter didn't think it was funny at all!

Birdie: Har! That was cute. They are far braver than I; I am sticking to watching, not playing (at least so far). Daughter wants me to play, but I KNOW it's just so she can laugh hysterically at my lameness...

Phoenix5 said...

Way to go mom! We haven't been bitten by the Wii bug OR the Rock Band bug... yet. I hope we get to miss it altogether. I usually end up buying a console about a year after it comes out... once the price drops to a realistic level.

Loved the way you wrote that story! I especially love the stricken words and the "corrections" - makes the story so much funnier!

toners said...

Yeah!! You totally rock!!! :)

Janet said...

With 2 percussionists in this house, I'm sort of living Rock Band every day (minus the Wii). It's just a matter of time before DH runs away to join up with a tour.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh you rock. And that girl is good too, sje was going to have a wii rock that day wasn't she? Hee hee. Determination is a wonderful thing.
I so want a wii. We will get one, one day, but I want one now. We do have a real drum kit though, Mr B is good for something, hee hee. I'd love to see him drum on a wii. He would knock it's little white socks off.

Jill said...

I was almost going to say I'm so glad I have NO IDEA what this post means...but I just read an article on one of the guys who invented some sort of rock/video game so I think I might actually have an inkling...

Congrats on coming through for her!!!! It's got to happen now & again for all the times they hate our guts, right?!? :-) KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! Sort of...

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