Another Starbucks Opening

Yes, it's true.

While they are closing the "Bucks" in various locales across the U.S., Starbucks is alive and well in Canada.

Well, in Winnipeg at least.

Er, in my home to be more precise.

For another Starbucks Cafe opened today.... in my kitchen.

Starbucks Stash

Yep. Having a Barista in the house has it's advantages.

Not only do we have a huge supply cups, coffees, teas, syrups and powders acquired over the past year, today we became a full-fledged cafe with the purchase of our very own espresso machine.

Now I can sip on lattes and cappuccinos anytime I want... um, as soon as Daughter shows me how to work the dang thing, of course.

Until then, I have my own personal Barista to make me happy.

Like today when I sipped on my very first (okay, I'll admit it, AND second) Gingerbread Latte.

Yup, this new espresso machine completes our very own in-home Starbucks cafe.

Now all I need for the true Starbucks experience is to get another in my dining room so I can see it while standing in the one in my kitchen.

23 People would rather be commenting:

Ann(ie) said...

oh my. I think I might have to move in!!!!

Heather said...

Very awesome! I'm jealous!

Irene said...

I think you're leading too much of a good life over there. It's time the Starbuck police came over and confiscated all that stuff. It can't be legal.

JD at I Do Things said...

My mom is on her way. She is a true Starbuck's fiend. Whereas I enjoy a latte maybe once a week, she carries a Starbuck's around with her EVERY day. If I had this setup, tho, I might, too.

JD at I Do Things

Bruce Johnson said...

I am guessing you only know how to make one size.....a Grande?

Babs (Beetle) said...

Unfortunately I know nothing about Starbucks. We do have an expresso machine that we get out probably once a year and we have a latte about once a week ;O)

JoJo said...

Well, as one who lives in "Starbucks country" you can't swing a dead cat w/o hitting one of them. But being from the Bay Area, where Starbucks and Microsoft are demonized, I've always steered clear of Starbux. But I do own a PC. So that was my compromise. lol

AshPup said...

Hey, maybe with a little practice you could work part-time at Sbux too! Your daughter could be your boss!
I'm sure it's easier to reap the benefits of employee discounts from home though, I can't wait to meet your new espresso machine in a few weeks...

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous too!

Good thing we don't have one though, since those coffee syrups are LOADED with calories. I'd be like a barrel in no time! LOL!

Ed & Jeanne said...

Oh...and I'll send a group of Earthy free-loaders to use your wifi for free. And then I'll send some single people over for internet dates. Then you should be complete...

Carol said...

I'll be right there! Grande vanilla late, please.

MYM said...

Wow, fancy shmancy. And I like your Christmas decorations around your blog.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Wow, I wish I had the patience to do that myself. However, I am lazy and would rather have someone else make it for me. So until the include the barista to go with the espresso machine I still be making a trek to the store. Oh and they can close some 'Bucks in the U.S. You can't turn around without running into one.

Maureen said...

Ann(ie): Come on by! I'll make sure we stock up on supplies.

Heather: :D Well, you can join Ann(ie) and stop by anytime! Just dress warm; it's freezing up here!

The Finely Tuned Woman: Har! All legal and above board. You wouldn't believe the perks the Baristas get. We have more coffee than we'll ever be able to drink.

JD: I hope you're joining your Mom on her trek up here... I think I'd better go get some cafe tables and chairs; looks like there'll be a crowd here soon!

Bruce: Grande at the very least; more like Venti!!!!

Babs: You know, I never liked coffee until I was working for years... now I am hooked. Although it doesn't take much arm twisting to enjoy the whipped topping, chocolate sprinkles or candy toppings either...

JoJo: I always wondered about that term "can't swing a dead cat"... how morbid is THAT? But I know what you mean; it would be impossible for me to resist all the Bucks you guys have down there.

Ashley: Har! I am going to have Daughter read that... work for her? GAD!!! Come to think of it, don't I already??? Can't wait to see you in a few short weeks too! Yes, you definitely have to come by for a drink!!! Er, espresso, that is ;)

Jay: Don't you know that calories don't count during the holidays? So I am declaring the holidays officially here... and we'll just see when (if ever) I declare them over.

VE: Hahahaha! I DO have wireless here too! But I think I have to go pick up some jazz tunes to pipe in for background muzak.

Carol: One Grande Vanilla Latte coming up! Would you like a Cranberry Bliss bar to go with that? (I need one of those green aprons, I do believe).

Drowsey: Aw, thank you! Since the Halloween decor met with approval, I thought I would continue the idea with Christmas.... I was so happy I got the lights working! (which is more than I can say for hubby and our house lights, but's that's a topic for another post...)

Vegas Princess: Ah, but that's the beauty of having a Barista in the family; she knows exactly what to do and makes them FOR me!!! Woot!

Kathy said...

On Thanksgiving, I admired my sister's Kuerig coffee maker, but my first thought was "It looks like NASA designed it." I'm all about fancy coffee, but if I can't figure out how to use it, it's wasted on me. Break out the manual, sister!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

It's a little slice of heaven!

Swubird said...


Wow, your very own Starbucks right in your own home. That sure beats standing in the long lines.

I, for one, am amazed at how successful Starbucks has been in the US market place. As my wife and I drive to the mall we pass a Starbucks that has a long line of cars all the way around the building. Is that weird, or what? Why do people need Starbucks to the point of waiting in their vehicles, with their motors running, until they finally make it to the drive up window. Does Starbucks spike their coffee drinks with more caffeine?

Happy trails.

Ed & Jeanne said...

Oh, and most importantly, swing by the blog today. I could use the support!!!!

Maureen said...

Kathy: Ha! Yeah, I am lucky I have someone in the house who already knows how to use it... and can show me too, without the torture of a cryptic manual.

Ed: You got that right!!!

Swubird: To quote Mike Myers in "So I Married An Axe Murderer", they "put an addictive chemical in (it) that makes ya crave it fortnightly!" (Actually he was talking about KFC.... but it works here too, although I crave it far more than fortnightly).

VE: On Me Way!!

Lady B: Just for you; seven different teas, in fact! Zen, Black, Wild Sweet Orange, Refresh, Berry Blossom White, Earl Grey and Passion teas. I think you'll find one to your satisfaction. ;)

Pandora Wilde said...

I got my espresso machine about 15 years ago--one of my brothers thought it was necessary for a new single mommy with a newborn.

He was right and I still love mine to pieces--it still works and my favorite is Ghiradelli Sweet Ground Chocolate with a touch of vanilla sugar and cinnamon. Take it from a vet--awesome in a mug!

Janet said...

Oh, my goodness...That's all I can say. Have you had a Cranberry Bliss Bar yet this season? Hopefully your DD can score some boxes of them for you!

Maureen said...

Pand0ra: Oh! That sounds delish! I shall pass that order on to my personal Barista... ;)

Janet: You remembered! Yes, I have had three so far this year. Last year, we bought a whole box and froze them!

Jill said...

Oh dear - I think you need to have us all over for coffee!

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