Fun With Sam


"So Sam… how about another trip to America at the end of June?"


"You know… a road trip to Minneapolis; just us gals again. Like the one we did in March.

Didn’t you have fun then?"

Oh yes. I remember. Good times...

Playing hide and seek at IKEA was fun.

Sam at IKEA
Relaxing at Starbucks was fun.

Sam at Starbucks
Shopping at Victoria Secret was fun.

Sam at Victoria's Secret
Meeting Jeff from View From The Cloud was very fun.

Jeff and Sam
Eating at IHOP was fun too!

Sam at IHOPBut may I suggest that we skip Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America this time.


Sam and the Shark
Wasn’t so much fun.

K? Thx.

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Daisy said...

Road trip! Road trip! ALLRIGHT! I am FOR going to IHOP again. If you order extra ham.

AshPup said...

poor sam! i hope he scratched that mean shark's eyes out!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Meeting Sam WAS fun! But I'm a little concerned about her caffeine addiction. I was just going to give her a tiny sip but then she grabbed the cup and started chugging it. I'll bet you gals had a lively conversation after that!

Kathy said...

Sam, you look fetching in a Victoria's Secret bra. Did you buy it after the photo shoot?

Oh, and you were lucky Jeff didn't stuff you in that coffee cup. He's a wily one.

Ed said...

IHOP is a definite crowd pleaser. I can see why Sam would be Jonesing to get back.

Janet said...

I'm glad that we get to travel with Sam again! It's been a long time since we've seen Sam out and about!

Maureen said...

Daisy: Hah! Extra ham it is... shall we swing by to pick you up? What an awesome road trip THAT would be!!!

Ashley: It was unexpected, however the shark heeded my pleas and let Sam go.

Jeff: Aha! So it's YOUR fault she was a chatty catty all the way home! I should have known...

Dear Kathy: Sam wanted me to let you know that no, unfortunately VS doesn't stock bras in -AAAAAAA sizes. Too bad. She looked fab in polka dots. And yes, we shall definitely have to watch Jeff more closely in the future.

Ed: Not only Sam. We were there three times in four days the last trip! (You don't KNOW how hard it was to pass by the one in St. Cloud on the way home to go four for four).

Janet: Yes, there are still even more Mall of America photos of Sam; I shall have to post those before the next trip.

jay said...

You know, I'm not a big fan of stuffie adventures, but that last picture - HAHAHAHAHA!!

Don't you just love people who play along? LOL!

Anonymous said...

That last photo made me wet myself with laughter. You're getting my underwear bill, buddy...

JD at I Do Things said...

Hey, it's Jeff! HI JEFF! Maybe someday Sam will come to visit me. I promise I won't let Pru take him to her secret underground hidden toy lair.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

JD - Hi to you!

Shawn said...

What do you got against sharks, Sam? Hmmm?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I love your header. But that is besides the point. If you go on a road trip, have fun, but don't let Sam get eaten again. Not good. Not at all.

Babs-beetle said...

Oh poor Sam! I'm glad he didn't get eaten up. That photo is great!

Tara R. said...

Sam looks like he needs vacation to the beach. Florida that is.


Karen MEG said...

Sam is very, very brave to travel with you..

Happy Bloghopping, Maureen!

Melisa Wells said...

Adorable! I love the Victoria's Secret photo. :)


Jen said...

If you are coming to Mpls you have to look me up. There are so many better things that the big mall to do. Send me an email.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

First time here, and DAYUM you got yourself a fancy schmancy blog. Loves it!

Maria Melee said...

Ahhhhh!! Oh my god. Very cool.

Blog hopping!

melissa said...

send sam here!! my kids will take really good care of him. just like they do with all of our animals. hmm...wonder where my dog is??

bloghoppers are back...
peace out

Jenny Grace said...

I dig his bra.

Coming over and bloghoppin'

Agent Provocateur said...

Dude, that's seriously funny!!!

WeaselMomma said...

That was cool. Happy Blog Hopping.

followthatdog said...

you have a twisted sense of humor. And I'm not entirely sure that coffee is good for cats.
Happy blog hopping

Maureen said...

Jay: It was hilarious when I asked the Shark to pose with Sam... I just expected him to stand there... not try to eat her!!!

Tony: Send me the bill... er, and throw them away, K?

JD: "secret underground hidden toy lair"... Gaaaaa! Sounds scary!!!

Hi JD, Hi Jeff!

Uh, Oh. It's Shawn from The Shark Tank.... Run! Run! Run for your life Sam!!!!

LISA!!! At last! Someone noticed my new header and graphics!!! *Sob* And I worked so hard on it too... Thank you, thank you so much! Oh, and we definitely will keep a closer eye on Sam.

Babs: Yes, it was close there for Sam for a moment, but she's okay now.

Hi Tara! Florida, definitely!!! I would love to take her there. Sadly, it's a bit too far right now. Maybe one day...

Happy Blog Hopping to you too KarenMeg! Yes, Sam is brave. You never know where I'll put her next.

Melisa: Did you know that they won't let you take photos in Victoria's Secret! I mean, really!!! So we hid in the change rooms... ;) Yes, she is fetching in that polka dot number, no?

Will do Jen! But I'll have to warn you; my teenage daughter is a shopping freak... so the MOA is her Nirvana.

Aw, Thanks Angie! I am having a great evening Blog Hopping and meeting all kinds of new bloggy friends (and re-discovering a few I haven't been to in awhile).

Mommy Melee: Welcome!!! Happy Blog Hopping Day (er, evening...)

Melissa: Ha! Sam, I do believe is more popular than I am... she gets all kinds of invites!

Miss Grace: Well, she IS a girl... I would never (okay, probably never) put a bra on a boy.

Agent Provocateur: Holy crap, you're name is hard to spell... I had to fix it three times! But then again, I often mis-spell my OWN name. Thanks and Happy Blog Hopping Day!

Maureen said...

WeaselMomma: Oh crap, I can't keep up!!! Happy Blog Hopping Day to you too! This is so much fun!

Followthatdog: :D Hahahaha! I'll take that as a compliment! The more twisted, the better dontchaknow... And coffee's not good for cats??? Aw, crap, now I am going to have to wean her from the Starbucks addiction.

Michael Blanchard said...

I don't think Sam's gonna fill out that bra! But shoot for the stars, Sammy!

- badassdad05, bloghopper

KaiserCracker said...

love it. you could take Sam on the light rail next time! *clink*

Ms. Maxwell said...

Hey, if Sam wants to try skis, I'm here in Utah. Best snow on earth!

And Blog Hoppers are welcome, too.

Rachel said...

TOO cute!!!

Hop Hop y'all's Road Trippin' selves down here to Texas, dangit!!

Hi stranger!!!!! BlogHoppin'! ;-)

Allison said...

Happy Blog Hoppin'

If you have to take a trip to the US, where do you live?

Probably a stupid question, but it's late and I'm getting a headache..

Hookin' Angel

Anonymous said...

Awww, man. We have NO IHOPS left here. Thanks for the reminder, Sam!

BOooo. :(


Sam should come to Indiana and eat Zelma's. It's a WAY BETTER BREAKFAST FOOD>

Happy Bloghoppin' :)

Smartasstic Mom said...

LMAO @ the Shark!

Blog Hoppin! :-)

SurprisedMom said...

Blog hopping and came across your blog. This was funny!

Maureen said...

Hey Badassdad05! Thanks for hoppin' by... and yes, poor Sam has a lot of er, "maturing" yet to do. For a cat. Especially for a stuffed cat. Perhaps she needs a stuffed bra as well.

*Clink* backatcha KaiserCracker! Welcome, and yes! I remember seeing the light rail... er, from inside IHOP across the street from the mall, that is!

Ms. Maxwell: Awesome! And I can come too?? Yay! Although we will have to find some teenie tiny skiis for Sam...

Hiya Rachel!!! Whoo Hoo! A trip to Texas, eh? Does that mean we have to learn speech like, all y'all, and dagnabbit??? Cause we CAN ya know.

Allison: We aren't far from the US border; it's only about an hour away. We are in Winnipeg, just north of Fargo.

Heather: NO IHOPS???? For shame. It's one of the reasons we GO on the road trip. You know you go too many times when the servers recognize you, and you're not even from the same country...

Smartasstic Mom: Yeah, I was impressed he/she played right along... to the guffaws of all the shoppers and kids nearby who were watching.

Welcome Surprised Mom. I am glad you hopped on by too! And thanks!

Swubird said...


Very funny - I think? I'm a little slow so sometimes you have to help me out.

Happy trails.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I was just at the Mall of America and I also ate at IHOP. Mmmm, the strawberry crepe rocked.

Cupcake Blonde said...

NOOOOOOO!!! Not SAM!! Bad shark, bad bad!!

Momo Fali said...

May I suggest Chicago...oh, say the end of July?

Ed & Jeanne said...

OMG...Jeff is a GIANT!!!! Look how small Sam was in his giants hands...

Maureen said...

Swu: Oh, yes, it was funny alright... especially when I didn't know if Sharky would play along!

Whispering Writer: Ooooh! That's what my daughter had the last time we were there! Grand choice!

Vegas Princess: I should have had you there; I can just imagine you swatting the shark on the nose to let Sam go! Ha!

Momo: Oh, how I wish I were going! It would be sooooo great to bring Sam along!

VE: Ahahahaha! Yes, he is a giant... I need to get on my tiptoes to hug him.

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