It's A Day Long Remembered

Yes, a day that will forever be known as the "Day The Christmas Lights Were Extinguished".

It's true I tell you!

When I emerged from my home this morning, I was met with an unbelievable sight before me... my heart burst with joy at the realization that the neighbor had finally turned off and taken down their Christmas lights yesterday.

I blinked back tears.

No more neon blue glowing beacons that had marked Christmas Day.

Then New Year's Day.

Valentine's Day.

St. Patrick's Day.

Easter Sunday.

May Day.

But poor Cinco de Mayo. It had no neon blue lights to celebrate May 5th.


The lights were finally extinguished after being turned on

every day
Neighbors Lights by dayand night
Neighbors lights by nightsince last fall.

So I am enjoying the respite while I can... because in a few short months, I just KNOW they'll be back to burn my retinas once again.

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Janet said...

Seriously??? At this point, they should have just left them up! lol

Babs-beetle said...

Ha ha! Our neighbour still has his lights up in the back garden. They've been there for a few years, draped over his trees, and blink at us every night!

Unknown said...


It's bad enough that you leave them up, but the fact that someone makes the effort to turn them on daily.

Sad indeed.

JD at I Do Things said...

Now, I would probably enjoy looking at Christmas lights every night. As long as there weren't any of those creepy snowman figures that glow in the dark. Brrr!

Kathy said...

See, I don't get this. Why would they put the lights out where they can't even see them? I mean, presumably they do it for their enjoyment. And what happens? If they're lucky, someone in the household is driving home at night and gets to see it. But instead, you guys have to look at it.

I'm starting a petition. Don't worry. It'll include Canada.

Bruce Johnson said...

Holiday lights left up year round here in Phoenix are usually indicative of a home that has been 'abandoned' from being upside down on their mortgage, or a home where the husband has left the wife for greener pastures and the wife can't figure out how to get them down. I am just amazed that actually kept them ON for 4 months.

JoJo said...

Most of the people around here just leave them up, unlit, year round.

Anonymous said...

Those are some unique neighbours you have! I wonder if they've actually noticed that their lights are off yet?

FOODalogue said...

Very funny, as usual. I hope your neighbor has a good sense of humor or, alternatively, no access to the internet!

Maureen said...

Janet: I know! I am just waiting to see when they dare put them back up again...

Babs: OMG... it's an affliction that has gone worldwide.

Tish: Yep, they had them on nearly all the time. I know they had to purposely switch them on, as a few times they WERE off... so it's not like they forgot about them or anything.

JD: No, no you wouldn't. Believe me... blue neon glowing in your front yard is nigh unbearable.

Yay Kathy to the rescue! I shall get everyone's names on our block signed up. It'll be the easiest petition to fill ever.

Bruce: I was amazed as well... I wonder if they saw me taking photos and that finally tipped them off to actually take them down???

Jo-Jo: Really? But at least they don't turn them on; which is at least a bit better.

Pinklea: Ha! Well thier place certainly looks bare now; although that broken statue of a wolf howling they have sitting on their driveway is still there...

Joan Nova: Geez, can you imagine if they saw this post? I wonder if they would recognize their own place.

Swubird said...


I can definitely sympathize with the lights thing. But here in my neighborhood I've noticed that each year fewer and fewer neighbors put up lights. Sad. I'm afraid Christmas is going the way of Columbus Day--sucked down into the black hole of political correctness. Next they'll be after Mother's Day and Father's Day. So enjoy it while you still can.

Happy trails.

Ed & Jeanne said...

Reminds me of the first time I met my now ex-brother in law. It was late April and we had gone to their apartment and their Xmas tree was still up. He actually had me help him toss it off his balcony at night and into his neighbor's yard!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Is this some kind of really roundabout way of telling me I need to take my lights down? OK already! I'll take them down this weekend. Sheesh...

At least I don't light them up.

Fred Dupont said...

Hummm... how hard would that be to cross the street, say hello and ask them about the Xmas lights, say around Chinese New Year?

At that point you could hint that they replaced it with a red lantern... and you could drop that it is bad luck to still have the lanterns up in March (just make it up...)

And if you came with this special apple pie (yes, your Granma's recipe, but don't tell her), they might even greet you with a smile.

"A good neighbor is a treasure..." Chinese proverb.

Just my idea...

mr zig said...

hehe - oh man, that's funny :)

Karen MEG said...

And they're still blue? What brand are they, as I thought most just fade back to white ... (and how would I know that, one wonders....)

Jill said...

You know, I'm so behind in my blog reading that every time I stop by somewhere to wish someone a happy mother's day (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, btw), I notice I'm like 50 million posts behind in reading...

I was going to say, almost halfway through the year, why bother?!?

It's impressive though that they not just left them up, but took the trouble to turn them on each night. That takes some kind of dedication.

Maureen said...

Swubird: I am afraid you are all too right, sadly. But I DID enjoy my Mother's Day!

VE: Holy crap! I am so glad I don't live near him! (or you!) J/K!

So Jeff, you take those things down yet? ;)

Fred, you are a far, far better than I. Want to move in across the street?

Mr Zig: Oh, I'll bet you see a few too... darn Peggers.

Lady Banana: Ha! That's what I thought at first, but on further inspection, they were actually gone!

KarenMeg: Hahaha! Yes, I DO wonder why you asked that!

Jill: Yes, I guess you COULD call it dedication.... and happy belated Mother's Day to you too!

NH Yocal said...

LOL! Aw...but it doesn't mean the celebrations have to be over. How about one of those big blow up things that stay on the lawn...I've seen a few folks who keep them up well beyond their time : )

Cupcake Blonde said...

There is still a house a few blocks over that has theirs up. Multi-colored. I am thinking they are working on a Christmas in July theme two months early.

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