The Fledgling

Ahhhhhh. Finally. Home after another long workday. With the house to myself for awhile at least, I was looking forward to relaxing before the family came home for dinner.

So I sat in my favorite recliner by the front window and put my feet up as the laptop booted. Outside, a commotion caught my eye. A blackbird was attacking another bird on the lawn; a tiny thing only capable of verbally berating it, until two more birds swooped into the fray and chased the bully blackbird away.

Aw... it was a Fledgling Robin, with Mom and Dad Robin hovering protectively nearby. Wisps of down still crowned his head and his stubby wings flapped, but were not yet capable of flight. So he hopped everywhere around our front yard, quickly ducking into the short grass when a car roared past. His parents took turns digging into our lawn for some wormy sustinance, and opening its beak as wide as possible to reveal his bright orange gullet, he greedily gobbled his dinner down.

Each time pedestrians walked nearby, the parent Robins flew into a nearby tree or bush, leaving The Fledgling to scrunch down alone into the camouflage of the grass. When it was safe once again, they soared down to feed their baby more wriggling treats.

Then it happened. While the parents were away, the Fledgling decided to explore and to my horror was inching dangerously close to the busy street.

I was out of my chair in a flash. I'm sure the neighbors thought me crazy, shooing the tiny adventurer back towards the house. When Mom and Dad Robin returned, they watched my every move from the birch tree, as I successfully herded their Baby back to safety.

Perhaps I was too successful. After taking some closeup photos of my new friend, I began to walk back inside the house.

Only to hear a frantic "Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!" behind me.

The Fledgling was following my footsteps across the lawn.

"No no, sweetie... You stay here." (Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO talk to animals.)

And as I returned to my chair by the window, I smiled to see Mom and Dad Robin taking turns feeding their mischievous Fledgling yet again.

The Fledgling

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Anonymous said...

I christen thee Saint Maureen, friend-to-fledgling-robins, for today you have earned the respect and admiration of birds everywhere. For this, let us hope that your car is never again touched by birdshit. It's the least they could do ...

Amie Adams said...

How cool is that?!!

I have two baby birds living in a nest in my boston fern. They aren't big enough to hop yet. But I do talk to them too.

All the cool kids are talking to baby birds these days.

Maureen said...

Aw, thank ye, Pinklea! And yes, I DO expect some extra thought when they fly over our driveway. The Geese, on the other hand, seem to think my car has a target on the roof...

Mamma: Aw, lucky you! I looked for its nest, or some robin's egg blue egg shells, but I couldn't find any. And yes, we ARE cool, are we not??? ;)

AshPup said...

All I can say is Aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Kathy said...

You're Dr.Doolittle! My husband talks to all species. Whether he expects them to respond is another question. You done good Maureen!

Daisy said...

I'm very glad you helped out the bebbeh birdie. He looks a little wild and woolly with that down still clinging to him!

Jill said...

How cute!!!!!! I'm glad you were able to shoo him away from danger! :-)

Swubird said...


That little rascal was lucky you were there. Out here we have crows and hawks circling overhead looking for helpless chicks like that. The poor little thing would have been gone in an instant.

It's a cruel world out there. Don't we just know it?

Happy trails.

Ed said...

I applaud your willingness to help--but dear lord, that's an ugly duckling!

Maureen said...

Ashley: I know! He was so cuuuuute.

Aw, thanks Kathy. Yes, it seems the animals know to come to me; turtles, bunnies, cormorant, duck, birds... just by clicking on the Wildlife category of my blog you'll see I'm not lying. Dr. Doolittle indeed.

Daisy: I am glad I was there too... and I do recall a certain Internet video of a famous Curly Cat who also talks to birds!!!

Jill: Me too! And I was quite surprised he was trying to follow me inside.

Swu: You said exactly what hubby said when I told him the story... it's amazing any of those little guys survive - with other wildlife hunting them down and traffic, well, they are so helpless until they can fly!

AH ED!!!! NOooooo... he was a cutie! (But then again remember the story of the "Ugly Duckling"... he turned into a beautiful swan!) I wish there was a way to see this little guy once he matured... now he only has a wisp of the red breast.

Bruce Johnson said...

A bird like that imprints on the largest creature that comes close to it. You are now it's probably won't ever leave your yard.

Janet said...

Are you my mommy???

What a sweet story! Birds are safe in your yard, Maureen!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Auntie maureen to the rescue! His fluffy tufts are so cute. :)

Maureen said...

Bruce: I searched the next day and didn't find him; in ours or our neighbor's yards... hopefully he is safe and sound somewhere. At least I didn't find any evidence on the street that he HAD wandered into danger again.

Janet: Ha! Wasn't that a children's book?? Sounds familiar. Oh yeah, I do believe MANY animals think I am their Mommy. ;)

Vegas Princess: I agree; the downy tufts are awesome!

jay said...

Awww! How sweet! What a great picture!

See, that blackbird knew that when the robin fledging grew up, he'd be quite capable of chasing an adult blackbird away from the winter bird table. Vicious little things, robins are, too all and sundry, despite their sweet song and pretty appearance.

But I'd have done exactly the same thing. ;)

JoJo said...

AW!!! How sweet!!!! The little birdie just wanted to come inside and visit w/ Auntie Maureen! :)

After having an aviary living in the walls of my home, we were more than happy to hear the fledgings finally leave the nest. Now to plug up the hole.

Maureen said...

Hah, Jay! Yes, I have no doubt the robins can hold their own; it's just a baby "anything" is too helpless not to come to the rescue for... (wow, that was a convoluted sentence).

JoJo: Yeah, they are welcome in the yard, in our trees, but INSIDE your walls? Um, I don't think so. Get out the spackle, stat!

Babs-beetle said...

What a lovely photo, and I bet you felt all warm and fuzzy inside after that little event. Who doesn't talk to animals?

Ed & Jeanne said...

Those parents obviously need to have that "Don't play in the freeway" speech...and soon!

Shawn said...

You have all sorts of nature-istic adventures up there. I see the occasional rabbit in the yard...a snake every now and then...and that's about it. Actually, that suits me fine, considering the type of wildlife that lives around Florida.

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