Texts From A Mall

Since we have travelled quite a few times alone together now, daughter and I have become quite proficient at:

1) What we bring (Me: the bare necessities. Her: every-freakin' thing she can jam into a rented SUV)

2) What we eat (IHOP, Outback, IHOP, IHOP, IHOP)

3) What we drink (Mojitos in the pool hot tub ingeniously disguised in our Starbucks tumblers)

4) What we do (sleep in, eat, shop, eat, shop, relax in hotel hot tub with said smuggled Mojitos)

5) How we communicate (texting)

Being 19, daughter has, to no great surprise, absolutely perfected this last skill.

I, on the other hand to no great surprise, have not. But I can crank out a few sentences if forced to. I text r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y, but I am proud to say, that at least it's legible. Most of the time.

Since we have somewhat different "priorities" when shopping, we'll often split up so we don't kill each other bore the heck out of each other all day. So texting back and forth on our Blackberries is the best way to keep in touch. Even with this advanced technology though, it doesn't always work smoothly...

4:26 Where are ya lovely?
4:30 You're not in archivers.
4:33 Or in aqua massage or the gold place. But I could have guessed that.
4:34 I saw a woman who I thought was you but it wasn't.
4:36 You're not in spencers either. I thought that was a good guess.
4:36 You are also not in the regular massage place or the perfume store.
4:36 Or taco bell. But you couldn't if you wanted to cuz its closed.
4:36 Burger king has a funny sign.
4:37 Perhaps you are purposely not txting me back now cuz this is funny?
4:38 It is not hilarious to abandon your only daughter.
4:38 I keep getting hit on. Its gross.
4:39 I think I've done a lap of the third floor. Maybe twice.
4:39 I am going to continue shopping now since you are so rudely ignoring me.
4:39 Ooh beanbags.

4:42 Oops nope just left barnes and noble

4:48 ...

Good thing we have an unlimited texting plan.

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Cole Garrett said...

Our texting has become so commonplace, that my family will text someone in the other room instead of going in there and just talking to them. And you're right, THANK GOODNESS FOR UNLIMITED TEXT PLANS!

Ivy Bliss said...

Oh I love this! I, like your daughter, am a master-texter. In fact, some of my friends have bumped their plans up to unlimited because of ME. I find it much better than waiting for the beep.

Going Like Sixty said...

I loved it too. But only because we are alike in our texting abilities and the absolute randomness of daughter's texts. Very cute.

JoJo said...

Well at least you know how to text, which is more than I can do!

Bruce Johnson said...

The idea of tapping into an adolescent's stream of conciousness is not really a pleasent thought.

Sistertex said...

OMG...sounds like me and my daughter texting. I am answering her first text when here comes 6 more...from the get go, I am decidedly behind...bummer.

BTW, I feel it my duty (for what ever reason) to let you know that drinking age in Minnesota (even at the MOA) is 21. When smuggling said beverage into said area of relaxation, you could be busted here for giving said beverage to a minor (of the age of 19). Just FYI.

I, OTOH, can get away with it because one of my daughter's is nearly 32 and the other 28.

The texting thing...it disturbs my thumb joints greatly. ;) But I go with it anyway as long as they have enough time to wait for an answer. I try to stick to one or two words like...'r u ok?' 'I am ok.'

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I drink starbucks lattes disguised as mojitos;-)

CarrieMarie said...

LOL This was great fun, and I love the "Ooh beanbags" ending!

Jay said...

Hahahaha! OH and I have identical phones and use the same service provider and ALL calls are free to each other, isn't that great?

We don't text so much (unless I'm at a premiere), but we do use our phones to keep in touch while shopping, for much the same reason as you and your daughter. Viz - so we don't kill each other. LOL!

Daisy said...

I wish I could go shopping with you two!

Richard said...

Guess you need more practice on texting! :P

Unknown said...

Surprisingly, Mo often texts me when she is out. I hated texting on my regular mobile. In fact I refused to, but since I got my iPhone, it's a breeze. I text all the time!

Megan said...

Ah, to live in a world of unlimited texting - I dream of such a day!

Julie H said...

We're big on texting here! Everyone has a full keyboard so no excuses for not texting back lol.

Shannon said...

That made me LOL.

Anonymous said...

awww...i find that sweet, mother and daughter time. I am really JEALOUS!

Btw, saw your blog at Gnetch's. I think i'll be coming back.

Swubird said...


From 4:26 to 4:48. That's a lot of air chatter. If the NSA were listening in, I wonder what they'd make of your conversation? 6:41... Bye.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Ha ha! Before we got the Querky keyboard phones (that's what we call them but I know that's not their real name) my hubby never texted me because he hated hit a key multiple times to create a word. Now he is a texting fool and will often text me from the other room. Sometimes the same room if he wants to tell me something he doesn't want anyone else to hear.

Beth said...

Haha, I'm glad i'm not the only one to fail at texting :P
Seriously, I take like 2 minutes to say. 'Hey, what's up?' or something similar. Grr.

JMM said...

My children sent me "Happy Mother's Day" text messages. I would have preferred a call. Oh well, guess I shouldn't complain...they did say it. I, too, am glad for unlimited text plans!

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