Technically They ARE Animals...

...and since I AM a self-professed animal lover, I really shouldn't be creeped out by spiders.

But when I nearly walk face first into them, or like last night, discover them crawling down the wall of my bedroom, it's tough to love the hairy-legged bulbous-eyed creatures. Even teensie-tiny ones.

Like this guy.

So instead of the typical arachnophobic reaction of:

1) screaming like a schoolgirl

2) running for a wad of kleenex to squish it into an spidery-shaped blob

I decided to humanely perform a "catch and release" on the eight legged home invader. I popped a clear cup over it and slid a piece of cardboard underneath, safe for transport to the wilderness that is our backyard.

It was easy enough to catch and once captured, the spider went into "stealth mode"; it folded up and became docile, something I had never witnessed before.

I nearly went "Awwwww... poor thing..."


Until it suddenly freaked out and began violently scuttling about, trying its damedest to break free of it's clear plastic prison.

The whole time it was bashing itself around the cup I was going EW, EW, EWWWW! and freaking out myself. As I made a beeline for the back door, I prayed the cardboard didn't slip or buckle.

I was also trying my best to push disturbing images of fangs and pointy legs scurrying up my arm out of my head.

Finally outside and true to my "Animal Lover" monniker, I tossed gently laid the arachnid onto the fern leaves in the back yard where it belonged.

Yes, I love animals.

But I love a peaceful spider-free night of sleep a helluva lot more.

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MYM said...

omg! I'm gonna be honest - I didn't really read the entire post as it was freaking me out! LOL

Heather said...

I am an animal lover, too, but IMHO, spiders do NOT count. I *hate* spiders!!! [Insert full-body shiver here.]

Irene said...

I don't hate spiders and when you see one at night it brings good luck, so you need to care for them especially well. You did the right things by capturing it in a cupt. Spiders are very useful creatures. I just don't want one crawling up my leg.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Irene: I don't really mind spiders, but I don't want them on or near me. Fortunately, I have DD who is fascinated by them and cheerfully examines any that intrude upon my space and removes them safely from my sight.

JC said...

A friend of mine found a wolf spider in his house a couple of years ago. The sucker was HUGE!!! A wee bit larger than a tarantula. I'd like to say he squished it with a Kleenex.....but the truth is, it was so big he needed to use a hockey stick!

Inhumane? Maybe.

But there is a size threshold where a spider ceases to be a spider and instead becomes a predator. Methinks the beast in his home qualifies as the latter.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I find spiders fascinating but don't like them inside my house either. Glad you didn't kill the poor thing. Using the cup and cardboard was a good idea! I usually grab a napkin and do the squish thing, but maybe next time I'll think to capture and release with the cup.
My cats help me find the critters when they get into my house:

Badass Geek said...

Ugh. Spiders are evil. EEEEVILLL.

Daisy said...

That is the tiniest little cup I have ever seen!

ann said...

I was given a tall cylindrical glass with a cork stopper cocktail shaker for an engagement present (35 years ago) and that has been my means to spider catch and release into the garden all this time; I can still mix a mean cocktail (but not in that)

JoJo said...

There is definitely a place for you in heaven, Maureen.....all I can say is: ew ew ew ew and GET IT OFF ME!!!

We have one of those bug sucker vacuum dealybobs that has a long wand, a large plastic trianglar trappy thing and a cartridge into which the offending arachnid is sucked. Worth. Every. Penny.

Babs-beetle said...

Oh my! If you really must catch it in a cup, make it a life size cup at least! Like a pint glass or better still a quart sized glass!

I love almost all creatures and insects, but I'm afraid spiders don't come close to a cute insect!

Maureen said...

Drowsey: I do hope I am not the cause for any nightmares... ;)

Heather: Yeah, it took all my will to NOT squish the thing.

The Green Stone Woman: I know they are good; they eat other pesky insects, so I hate to kill them. So when I can, I'll always try to "transport" them where they belong.

Pinklea: Ah, good she has your back. And I agree, they have their place; which is NOT my place.

Hahahaha JC! Why do visions of Shelob from LOTR come to mind? Ack! A hockey stick??? Ick. That would have been some slapshot.

Karen: Oh yes, cats are very good spotters of unwelcome guests... the tiny ones anyway. At least I was able to catch this one before they did. And before they tried to eat it.

Badass Geek: Inside - Evil. Outside - Good.

It's a Daisy-sized cup Daisy! (Actually it is a "shot glass" cup.. I have a whole bag of them I got at the Dollar Store. I use them for watercolour and oil painting.)

Ann: Ha!!! Remind me NOT to order a cocktail at your place ;) . Good use for it though... I wonder what the gift giver would think! Har!

Aw, thanks Jo-Jo. I have never heard of the vacuum thingy... does it keep them alive?

Babs-Beetle: LOL! Well, it was the closest thing handy (in my scrapbook room where I also paint) along with the scrapbook paper that was thick enough to slide under without buckling. At least afterward, I could throw both items out. ;)

Jay said...

Go on, admit it - you shut your eyes and flung the poor thing wildly, and performed the Arachnophobe's Tarantella, while screaming 'EWWWW, EWWWW, OH! EWWW!' didn't you?

I've seen it done. Many, many times!

Me, I'd be the one going 'Awwww! Poor thing!'

But well done. I know how hard it is for a phobic to get that close to one of our eight-legged friends.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Oh, you should have kilt it. Now you've just made it mad and it will seek revenge. When you're sleeping. With your mouth open.

Maureen said...

Jay: It WAS tempting to fling it, but no, I DID lay it down gently on the fern leaf.

Acccckkkkk Jeff!!! Gad, you know just what NOT to say! AAAAAAAH!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I love how you weren't so freaked out that you didn't make time to take pictures of the whole ordeal! :P

Maureen said...

Oh yes Tony, I ALWAYS take photos; luckily, my digital camera is quick and gave me sharp images despite the shaking of my hand! Ha!

Hannah said...

I am a big time animal lover but spiders give me the heebie-jeebies!
ButI swear they like me! One morning, I pulled one out of my ear and another time, I found one crawling slowly up my thigh! Ewww!

Louise said...

Spiders don't bother me much. If they're staying put, I will allow them to stay in the house to feast on the other bugs I might not like. But when they're mobile, they need to go. I use the same method, and really hope they don't crawl on me.

If there are good outside ones, I sometimes feed them things (creatures) that are very destructive. A bit of a barbarian, I guess.

Jill said...

Oh my gosh - spiders are almost the ONLY insect I can reasonably cope with, and only because I always keep in mind that they eat the other insects. I move them outside when they get in the house, but it generally involves a lot of gasping and screaming on my part.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Way better than me. I smush and ask questions later.

Maureen said...

Hannah: Pulled... one... out ... of ... your ... EAR???? OMG!!!!

Lady Banana: You and me both.

Ha Louise! Yes, they are beneficial to have around, but not around my bed.

Hahahaha Jill! Yes, my hand was shaking and inside I was screaming at full volume.

Vegas Princess: Ha! I'll bet you don't get much of a response that way...

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