Sam's Last Day In Toronto

SamOh hi again...

Been awhile, hasn't it?

Yup, a loooong time. Long time indeed.

While Maureen goes on and on about dentists, television shows and Christmas lights, she forgets all about moi.

The nerve! I haven't even finished telling you about my trip to the Big City! Remember? First is was the torture of the CN Tower, the yummy mini burgers at the Hockey Hall of Fame, and then that excursion to a place called IKEA.

After those outings AND a conference all squeezed into 48 hours, you'd think I could get some down time in the hotel room, lounging around in the soft, comfy bathrobe.

Just a tad on the large side
Or maybe even relaxing on my soft green pillow listening to the gift she got at her talk, which, by the way, is Just.My.Size.

Sams Shuffle
But no. She just HAD to squeeze in one last shopping spree. So we were off again, this time walking and meeting some strange Torontonians along the way.

This guy is frozen solid!
It wasn't long before we arrived at Eaton Place. I thought at least with a name like "Eatin", I would get to nosh on something, but at our first stop in Starbucks I soon learned they apparently don't serve cat treats. OR cats for that matter.

Nom Nom

Two of four floorsYikes! And here I thought IKEA was big!

This place is huuuuuge...

And crowded.

And holy crap, it's noisy!


I think I'll just stay inside the big dark bag, all safe and sound until you're done.

Maybe even take a (yawn) nap....

Safe and sound
Blink. Blink.

What the? Shopping is over?

We're finally going home?

Waiting at the gate
Whoo Hoo! Fasten my seatbelt, I'm ready for takeoff!

A leather seat just for Sam
Now where the heck is my robe and iPod? I mean, really. After putting up with all that, I DO deserve First Class treatment, no?

14 People would rather be commenting:

mr zig said...

hehe - I enjoyed that post - :) that was cool

Ed & Jeanne said...

ha ha. There were some serious product placements in this post. I hope it covered Christmas!

Babs (Beetle) said...

Well after that hectic trip, I think You definitely deserve some treats! I hope you got them ;O)

VioletSky said...

I'm imagining Sam's looking at travel brocures to escape the Winterpeg by January?

Technodoll said...

I need to shrink down to Sam-size and slip myself into your purse... all those travels, shoppings, snacks and sight-seeings are amazing! :-)

Maureen said...

Mr Zig: Thanks. Just wait. Sam is already lined up for two more posts, er "adventures"...

VE: Har! I didn't even think about that. Dammit. I could be making oodles of moolah here, couldn't I? (then again, probably not).

Babs: So far, sadly, our felines have been unwilling to share their cat treats with Sam...

Violet Sky: Oh, I wish! I seriously want to take a winter vacation one of these years. And if I do, you can be sure Sam is coming along!

Technodoll: Well, you'd wouldn't have to shrink down too much; that purse is huge! ;)

Cupcake Blonde said...

I wish I could comment on this post but I can't get over the fact you were given an iPod for talking! Where can I get a gig like that? :)

Maureen said...

Vegas Princess: Ha! I was surprised too... that wasn't the only perk GE gave me. They paid for my hotel room, lunch, and also gave us all a fanny pack for jogging with a water bottle, pedometer and digital radio with headphones! It was fun!

Jill: Heh, heh... thanks. I think I shall have Sam visit here again...

MYM said...

Oh yay! I love Sam. The Delta is a nice hotel - I stayed there a couple of times.

Where's Sam going next?

Maureen said...

Hey Drowsey: Aw, thanks. Well, Sam has two gigs lined up: Christmas shopping and The Zoo.

Both coming soon to a blog near you. ;)

Jeanne Elle said...

Sam gets out more than I do!!! (sigh) LOL

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Love the ending!

And is that a slice of lemon drizzle cake? I LOVE that stuff! It ruins my diet every time I come over your side of the Pond!

JoJo said...

AWWWWW!!!!!! Sam's sooo cute!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, you definitely deserve treats. And your ipod is so pretty. Mine is just dull silver. :(

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